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Strong Relationships

MadCo creates winning Partnerships to Keep Our Carriers Profitable

Take control of your business by joining the MadCo Logistics carrier network for exclusive loads, long term partnerships, bidding opportunities, regular lanes, discount programs, coaching, and other perks available to our partner carriers. With so many variables influencing your efficiency and profitability each day, don't let a bad freight broker complicate your life further. We are truckers first, so please except our invite to join us. We know what it's like to run the road and operate trucks, so work with a team that understands your problems firsthand.  Alone we can do a little, but together we can move big mountains. Hammer Down!

Our Customers

Together We Move The Products of The World

Menards + MadCo
USG Corp + MadCo Inc
Nucor + MadCo
US Steel + MadCo
AK Steel + MadCo
Bobcat + MadCo
AGCO + MadCo
Profitable Loads

Ready to Partner

You have a choice. We work hard, day and night, to be the freight brokerage of choice for all our quality carriers. We believe that the relationship is mutual and must be benefiting to both parties long term.

That means providing the loads, services and technology you want to keep your fleet moving. Whether it’s our free load board with thousands of loads a week, our award-winning after-hours team or complimentary carrier technology, CarrierPro, we are partners.

Hauling freight requires a collaborative approach to achieve a shared goal – excellence. And for that reason, you need a freight broker that is reliable, understands the responsibility  of truck ownership, responsive and provides the carrier resources to ensure success.


When you sign on as a carrier with us, you'll gain access to all of the freight booked through MadCo Logistics. This freight includes dry van, reefer, open-deck, LTL and over dimensional shipments. As we build a relationship, you will earn our trust with quality service and vice versus, enabling both parties to profit as we engage in more consistent business, repeat loads, and projects.

Find Freight Easily

When you accept a load, you need to know what you're getting into long before pickup. Since we are truckers first, we know you will need proper Info like cargo dimensions, origin and destination locations, special handling instructions and equipment requirements that help you do your job effectively and avoid delays. Gone are the days of booking loads with paper jockeys in a cubicle.

Haul With Confidence

If the wheels aint moving, you arent making any money. The more freight you haul, the more money you make — it's that simple.  That is why MadCo is committed to making your search for the next load easier.  When you partner with MadCo, you will gain access to quality loads, simple paperwork, hassle free tracking, and trustworthy payments.

Earn More Money

Every driver wants access to the best paying, long mile loads. Our team is always seeking quality partners that we can trust to "Go the Extra Mile" and in turn, we can charge a more premium price to our customers. The more you haul with us, the more access you gain to high paying loads, like specialized machinery.

Exclusive Loads

Owner Operator


Great company to work for! Do their best to do right by you. But it ain't for pansies. They pay you fair here, good-paying loads, but you gotta put in the work. If you're a fruit-cake you're gonna be outta luck.

Company Driver


As a company driver I always knew my dispatch team had my back. My need were always met. My dispatcher called and texted me through the day to make sure the trip was going well. My truck broke down a couple of times and man, each time my dispatcher checked one more around the clock to make sure I had a ride, a hotel, food, and anything else I needed. Now, I am leased on with them as an Owner Operator and plan to be here a long time, man.



Check out the most frequently asked questions that carriers ask us, here. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at (614) 219-3160. We are available 24/7/365.

To haul for MadCo we require:

  • Valid MC or US DOT number
  • Minimum $1 million auto liability insurance
  • Minimum $100,000 cargo insurance policy
  • Reefer Breakdown on insurance certificate (if applicable)
  • Completed online Carrier Contract*

*If you are ready to begin the process, please click here to access the online Carrier Contract.

The diverse requirements of our customers create opportunities for all trailer types, in addition to the need for specialized services. Whether you are an Owner-Operator or a Private Fleet, MadCo has thousands of loads to choose from every week.

The load requirements of our customers create opportunities for all trailer types, in addition to the need for specialized equipment. Whether you are an Owner-Operator or a Private Fleet, MadCo has thousands of loads to choose from every week.

Our sales team is constantly bidding on freight that requires the following trailer types, Dry Van, Reefer or Temperature-Controlled, Flatbed or Open-Deck, Step Deck, Specialized Open Deck, Hotshot, Sprinter, Straight Truck, Auto Trailer, Dump Truck/Trailer, Hopper/Dry Bulk and other trailer types that are specific to customer demand.

MadCo offers the best in convenience with access to our load board, posting thousands of loads each week. With a MadCo CarrierPro account, you'll be able to view rates on select lanes and book instantly from our load board with Book It Now. You can also call(614) 219-3160 and select “Option 1” to speak directly with a team member, 24/7/365.


Our load board is accessible through our carrier-specific technology, CarrierPro. A complementary web portal and mobile app that gives you the freedom to search and quote available loads, submit invoices, view load documents and reduce check calls from your desktop or mobile device.


In order for payment to be processed,  our team will need rate confirmation, Bill of Lading (BOL), Lumper receipts (if applicable), Scale tickets (if applicable), Proof of Delivery (POD), and Any other necessary load documents with receipts for reimbursement. Payment terms are 45 days by check, ACH, or payment made to you factoring company.

Why not

Become A Carrier

There's a lot at stake for you when it comes to picking a freight broker provider you trust to give your loads. If you make the wrong choice, it can be truly detrimental to your business and leave you stranded without a reload.

Partner with MadCo and you will receive acess to quality loads, reliable support, dedicated carrier rep, and top technology without investing millions in a sales and marketing on your own. 

We invite you to take the next step with MadCo. You can be confident that your trucks are in good hands, just like 1,000+ partner carriers — including our very first one from 2018 — are every day.

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You're One Step Closer to Becoming the Carrier That Has Access to the Best Loads